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Was the Run the World dance supposed to be Jasmine and Comfort's from SYTYCD? Cause that's like, my favorite dance routine in the whole wide world:)

Yes it was. I shall go back and edit that post and put a working url! Loved that routine too!!!

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It's Sunday update

Months later, it’s now Tuesday. ;)

Oh boy..

Here we go.

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Since you Been taking mad gaps between updates they have all sucked like we get all this dumb bs we don't care about and about two sentences of chris and her conversation you can keep these dry scraps you out together in 10 mins

if you feel so strongly you can glady stop reading sweetheart. please believe this fan fiction writing takes way more than just 10 minutes and with you thinking so, I rather you not check for my “bs” between these mad gaps in the first place.

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It better be Sunday. I'll be waiting. I'm squinting my eyes at you. LOL But finally! YAAAAAASSSS


Seventy Seven - Part One


Once again I caught myself rushing into the PAC, just barely on time for practice. When Chris and I fell asleep last night, we slept hard.

Slept through all the alarms and wake up calls, if he hadn’t gotten up to go use the bathroom I probably would’ve slept even longer. Him being arguably more justified on feeling so sleep deprived, we didn’t end up waking up completely until 12 this afternoon. I just knew the choreographers were going to be on my ass considering the fact that I had to memorize the routine in all of 2 days, which I have, but they take every day seriously.

Starting today, we’d be dedicating a short show to some performing arts and private high schools coming into the Center state wide throughout the weekend. It’s a cute idea though the majority of my colleagues aren’t taking it very serious. Since I was out of town last weekend I missed out on calling dibs on specific routines so now I’m left with just one and I’ll be dancing with another girl. No big deal to me, though she seemed as if she had a problem with it, well at least at first.

She’s the only other black girl in the company and for whatever reason she treats me as if I’m more competition rather than just a coworker. She had always been pretty short when it came to conversation between us. Why? I’m unaware of and soon enough stopped caring to know about. Initially my mind wondered if Malcolm poisoned her view of me too, but then dropped it and left the shit be. Being cordial with her is no sweat off my back. I’m here to do one thing and that is dance, not go out of my way to make new friends.

“Well look who decided to finally show up!” Victor spoke up and clapped his hands, bowing in my presence as I gave him an unamused smile. “My bad, my bad! I’s sorry!”

Flashing a smile to the other woman choreographer and then at my dance partner Carissa, I quickly slid my bag to a far corner. They all watched as I walked up to the circle they sat in then plopped down, immediately beginning to stretch.

“Alright, so now that we are all in attendance… We will go through the choreo in 3 sections individually, then execute it thoroughly a couple times before you guys go get fitted for the costumes.”

I nodded then allowed him to pull my arms forward once I had my legs in a splits.

A remix to Run The World (Girls) played continuously in the background, the routine rewinding over and over again in my head before we all got up to begin. This time around we’d be using props, specifically bikes. It’s a fun and aggressive dance to a very femininely aggressive song so from what I hear our costumes and these bikes were the icing on the cake. Very much so a Compton feel which I embraced since I still consider myself new to this California living.

As the song rounded around again we took our stances right after we step away from the bikes. I stared intensely at my reflection as we began, my energy coming out of nowhere but right on time.

“Boy don’t even try and touch this, boy this beat is crazy..”

Zoned out as our bodies and hair both moved in sync, we were 10 seconds in before the choreographers cheered.

“This goes out to all my girls that’s in the club rocking the latest…”

We bent down to one knee then leaned to our sides before hitting the next few moves and spinning around on the floor to both knees. Channeling Beyonce in her Get Me Bodied video, we hit the “alley cat”, our feet one at a time meeting each other turning and splitting between knees and rolling our hips.

“I think I need a barber, none of these niggas can fade me…”

Finally standing back up, we patted down low then took 2 steps forward, soon rocking our body side to side to the slight break down of the beat. Grabbing our knees, we “twerked” twice and began twitching our bodies side to side again.

A slick smile covered my face as my teachers kept yelling and clapping, jumping around in my peripherals. I let my confidence take over as we continued to now execute the full routine.

“Boy you know you love it when how we smart enough to make these millions, strong enough to bare the children, …then get back to business.”

Doing a small back whine into a matrix and Carissa crouching forward in my direction,  I went face down into a basic bboy stance holding for a half second, then she grabbed my legs and redirected me into another move soon tilting me over so I can roll back over to my feet. Pausing to look at each other we inhaled until we went into the final break down, hitting our last few steps and posing at the end.

“Well screw doing it in 3 sections! Fuck that!” Victor laughed as he shook his head. “Liyah you could’ve just shown up at 5 and went right onto the stage! Carissa, you’re flawless!”

I blushed some as I nodded in thanks then turned to look at Carissa as she still seemed disconnected towards me but said thank you directly to Victor. She walked off to her water bottle then looked and addressed every one but me.

“Lets just do it one more time but with the bikes then I’ll send yall straight to the fitting room. I’m proud of you guys. Come on, lets go! One last time!”

3 minutes later we posed again at the end of the song clip as the choreographers clapped again. My chest rose and fell as my knees started to ache but I smiled nonetheless. Though it may not be the most extravagant Hip Hop routine, it is pretty bad ass. The song alone is empowering and Victor straight killed it with this routine to match.

“Alright, go go, fly fly!” He shooed us as Carissa and I both smiled again in thanks.

Swallowing hard and catching my breath, I walked over to my towel and wiped my forehead of the fresh sweat. Carissa walked straight to her things, picking them up and leaving the studio for the dressing room.

We all kind of just sat quietly as we watched her walk out, and a few seconds later Victor looked at me confused.

“Something going on between you two?”

Perking my eyebrows up and twitching my mouth into a half smirk, I shrugged. “I’dunno. I don’t have a problem, can’t say for sure on her side though.”

“She’s been having a rough couple days, don’t take it to heart.” The lady choreographer spoke up. “As long as is doesn’t show when you guys perform then it’s nothing to be worried about.”

Didn’t really plan on it.

I shrugged again. “No biggie, I’ll see you guys later!”

Picking up my things I soon followed shortly behind Carissa’s path. There being yet another long hallway you had to go through to reach any and every room,  she was in eyesight. The short stretch of me thinking maybe I should jog up to her and make conversation just for the sake of the performance fell short once I noticed she was on her phone. After shrugging the shit off for one last time I turned my attention to my own.

“Hey yall!” I smiled and waved as I walked into the dressing room, the costume director Cedric and costume assistant Liz there to greet me. “Heyyy babygirl! You ready for this? It’ll be short and sweet.” Cedric spoke as he turned and grabbed two sets of hangers from off a table.

Nodding, I set my bag down again and walked over to him.

“Ooo, thug life! Life of a thug!” I yelled while laughing at what he presented to me dramatically. “Yaaaaas, babygirl! You’ll be serving up that life but you gotta be bout it! I know my girl Carissa is!”

She chuckled and shook her head. “You’re a fool.”

I eyed the whole ensemble down. This was definitely cute.

“I’m still gonna have you guys try it on even though it’s pretty basic clothing. Liz, just let me know if I have to take in or let out any the materials for extra junk in the trunk or lack-there-of.”

Carissa and I both gasped before giggling. I rolled my eyes as I playfully pushed him. “Honey, please! I got more than you!”

Cedric cut his eyes at me then took an obvious look at my butt. “Alright, you know what? I won’t even argue with that. Just know that I have been eating my cornbread and I will be back to slay.”

Laughing loudly, I grabbed the items Liz handed me then booty bumped Cedric. “Don’t hurt nobody now!”

Glancing at the clock I suddenly put an extra pep in my step, realizing that if I could hurry up with this I could try and grab a bite to eat before my interview. I walked behind a curtain and quickly stripped myself of my clothing and threw on my costume. This is a very Chola look; a gold shimmery cropped tank/bra, blue high waisted jeans, grey and white socks, and an oversized black to white ombre plaid shirt.

I laughed when I had it on but instantly came out when Ced demanded me to show what exactly I was laughing at.

“This is the 90s all over again! I just need my baggy jeans versus these tight ass shorts.” I giggled as he grabbed my arm and directed me in front of him and Liz. “You couldn’t tell I was channeling my inner Liyah with this? I’ve seen your TBT pictures. Hell, I’ve seen the recent pictures of you in this same style!”

Sucking my teeth, my head fell backwards as I laughed again. “Stay true, boo! Jazz personality, G mentality.”

I waited patiently as he buttoned the top button, then forced a bandanna around my head, landing it at my hairline. Next he grabbed about 10 gold bangles per wrist then handed me a pair of huge hoops to put in my ears. Directing Liz to grab our shoes, he took some knee pads off the table and told me to put them on as he took a step backwards.

As his eyes bounced back and forth between Carissa and I, we both put on our shoes too.

“Liz, hand me that small sized, black, leather belt. Carissa, do you think you’ll be okay dancing with a low length necklace? Like maybe even a body chain, without getting your hand twisted up in it?”

I turned and looked at her as she quietly nodded, then jumped, startled, feeling Cedric grab me by my waist then loop the belt through my shorts.

“Whoa there, I’m pretty sure I’m more than capable to put a belt on myself. You must wanna cop a feel, huh Ced?”

He laughed unamused then smirked at me. “Boyyy, Chris must have a jolly grand time with yo lil thin waist, cute face, lookin’ ass.”

Taken back, my eyes popped out as I covered my mouth. “Uh uh!” Laughing with everyone else in the room, I blushed. “Shut up!”

Cedric snickered as he took a step back again, now nodding in approval.

“You guys can take it back off now. I’ll have it placed to the side with your names on it based on your set’s slot.”

After saying thanks and changing back into my workout clothes, this time it was me who hurriedly left the room and back out the door of the center. Biting my lip and squinting my eyes from the sun, I glanced around the parking lot for any sign of unwanted company then unlocked the door to my car.

Sighing, I put my key in the ignition and tried to think of where I could grab a quick bite to eat that was near by. After realizing that my only option was  really Taco Bell and Wendy’s, I took a right to give a Wendy’s salad a try. Even after I did pick it up, I rounded around the drive thru again for 6 piece nuggets just to make sure I’d feel full.

Something told me to have just stopped by a Whole Foods or something and piece a quick and healthier meal together but I didn’t have enough motivation to. Hopefully these nuggets won’t have me cramping while performing.

I parked back in the far end of Wendy’s parking lot and went to work on my food as Janelle’s call came through my speakers.

“Hey Miss Lady! You getting ready for that interview?” Her voice came out loud, so loud that I flinched and immediately went to turn my car’s volume down.

“Ehh, yeah.” I tried to hurry and swallow what I had in my mouth down. “Should I be prepared for the worst?”

She chuckled. “Always! No, look, it shouldn’t be too bad. They gave me a list of general questions they plan on asking, though they said they’re subject to change.”

I groaned as I rolled my eyes then watched as someone walked out of Wendy’s.

“Oh gosh.”

“Well you kinda already know what to really expect. Janet’s on the cover so they’ll definitely be asking about your experience on the tour. They’ll ask you about the PAC, maybe even your plans after. The blogs have caught wind of the pics from behind the scenes of the Let Me Love You video, and since that’s due to be released any day now I’m sure they’ll ask you about your experience with that…”

Nodding my head, I dipped a nugget in sweet and sour sauce then threw it in my mouth.

“Right, right….”

“Don’t be surprised if they bring up Chris.”

Letting my head hit the headrest, I swallowed down my food. “Of course.”

“I warned them that you probably won’t say much about it, but I don’t know how thirsty they’ll be for some insight though.”

I looked down at my salad then bit my lip. “Yeah.”

“By the way, have you guys made it official again? I’m seeing a lot of pictures..”

I sighed again. “Well.. No. No we haven’t made it official again, we’re kind of in an odd spot right now.. But things are going good so, I don’t really know what to say of it.”

“Hm. Well you think about what you’re about to say cause you know they’ll bring it up. Any hesitation in your answers will make way for more rumors.”

My heart beginning to thump in my chest, my eyes fell back down to my food. I lost my appetite.

“I know.”

“Alright, love. I emailed you the picture I gave them to use for the article, it’s a shot of you during the tour in Chicago. It’s cute.”

I smiled. “K.”

“The video conference starts in 25 minutes so please, please, please be on time for it. Call me after your show and tell me how it all went or even call me sooner if you need to. Goodluck!”

“Thanks, and I will. Bye.”

“Bye bye.”

Wiping my hands of the grease and sauces, I breathed in and out before starting the car back up. At this point I questioned why I let Janelle talk me into doing this VIBE Vixen in the first place, but I guess the recognition of their magazine is at the very least flattering. As I pulled back into the PAC I reminded myself that this, like everything else, will be as good as I make it. Forcing the rest of the chicken down to soothe my troubled stomach, I trashed the salad and grabbed my laptop from my trunk before walking back into the building.

Waving to everyone I had passed, it only took me a couple minutes to reach a quiet conference room. As I turned on the light and looked around the empty room, I chose a seat in the far corner to set everything up.

I played with my hair a little and dabbed some lip gloss on before shrugging off the rest of my appearance. As my heart began to beat faster I debated on calling Chris to see his opinion on what to say when asked about our relationship nowadays but I ended up deciding not to. Zoning out for longer than I realized, it wasn’t long before the sound of a Skype call came ringing through.

Inhaling and exhaling I clicked “Accept” and waited impatiently for the interviewer’s face to show. My mind went blank on what her name was as soon as she popped up.

“Liyah! How’s it going, lady?” A vibrant and welcoming voice came through my computer as I sat up some, my smile reflecting hers.

“Heyyy! I’m doing great, how about yourself?”

She nodded and smiled wider. “Just fantastic! I am Mara Young, and I will be interviewing you for the next half hour or so. I’m sorry we couldn’t meet in person!”

Sympathizing, I nodded agreeing. “Me too, I apologize for this busy schedule of mine. It’s starting to become more and more hectic as the days come!”

“No worries at all, we’ll get you here eventually! Maybe even for a cover!”

My eyes widening, I smiled nervously. “Wow! A cover, eh?” I laughed as I shook my head.

“Yeah, I mean who knows! Like you said your days are getting busier, your demand is getting higher! So someone you have previously described as your mentor is gracing our cover this month, how was it working with the likes of Janet Jackson?”

“Oh my goodness! It was a truly, truly, amazing experience! I honestly wouldn’t trade it for the world. She has such an amazing and genuine personality and character about her. It was captivating just being in her presence! The whole time it was like I was in la-la-land, she exposed me and my dance crew to so much it’s still breathtaking. She helped make a lot of my dreams come true. I could never thank her enough for it.”

“That’s great, it really is! Now I have another person interviewing her for her spread but, how exactly is her personality? She seems so timid and shy!”

I chuckled. “She definitely can seem that way, and really she is at times but that’s kind of always been the mystery behind a legend like herself. She’s quiet until she hits that stage! Once she’s on stage you see the beast behind the small smile. I admire her for that and in a lot of ways can relate.”

“You know, I have heard about that with you too! You seem quiet and reserved until you’re out there performing. Do you have a specific reason for it?”

“I think it’s always kind of been something that’s been a part of me.. And some ways I think it’s important to have that factor towards you. You don’t always have to be really out there to show what all you can do. I don’t believe in cockiness.”

“Now playing the devil’s advocate here, some would say it’s because you’re scared or intimidated by others in the industry…”

Squinting my eyes as I tilted my head back, I quickly shook my head no and laughed.

“No, not exactly. To put it plainly, I rather be underestimated and than gassed up or oversaturating. I’ve learned a lot since moving to LA and one thing I’ve grown to learn and appreciate about myself is that I don’t need nor want the reinforcement from people who are out to specifically criticize me negatively. At 22 years old I am still young yet I’ve grown aware that I do hold talent that can speak for itself. And that’s what I plan to continue to do; let my talent speak for myself. You become too cocky and all that you’re so sure of can be snatched from you like that.” Snapping my fingers, I watched as she nodded.

“Touche, Liyah! That’s a good mindset to have. 22 years old and speaking word of the wise.”

I laughed and blushed.

“Don’t kill me here but I can’t help but tie what you said to maybe some of your recent relationship experiences…”

Inhaling, I tilted my head to side just waiting for it…

“How has Chris Brown helped or hurt your outlook on this industry, or even relationships in general?”

Clearing my throat, I looked down before bringing my eyes back to the screen.

“I think if anything he has shown me the good and bad of what this industry involves. It’s something on a whole ‘nother level that I hadn’t really realized until after meeting him. As always with the media, they obsess over your personal life versus just your talent which to me is backwards. A lot of people  read these mostly false stories about what they think is going on with you then let that dictate how they feel about your career. Like, my career is to entertain…his career is to entertain, you know? That’s it. Through music and dance and all of that, that’s what our common dream and goal is, to entertain through our talents. No one’s perfect, everyone has their own demons but people in the spotlight get dehumanized over their celebrity.”

She nods. “How are you two, are you guys together? Apart?”

“We’re both single.”


My heart thumping, I inhaled as I continued. “We enjoy eachother’s company. I think at this point it’s about focusing and developing ourselves individually before committing to a serious relationship. We’re still so young and there’s a lot going on. He knows he can always find comfort in me and I can say the same for him because we just click like that…  But other than that, we’re just living!”

She giggled. “Nicely put.”

I chuckled as I scratched my forehead, trying to mask the nervous sweat forming. “Thanks.”

“So the insanely incredible, I can’t even say infamous because I feel like you have really put them in a new spotlight, The Performing Arts Center! How is that going, what’s it like to be involved with such prestige?”

20 less painful minutes later, she wrapped it up and I was free to breathe.

My heart rate didn’t want to calm down till after I packed everything back up and headed to make up and hair. I couldn’t help but over analyze what all I said and if any of it would come back to bite me in the ass. After noting it’s all said and done, with no turning back, I allowed myself to if not relax, refocus my attention on my set.

An hour and a half later Carissa and I were cleared to head to the stage.

As I heard our names announced and the kids cheering, we rolled out on stage and let the routine begin.


Kid Red bursted out laughing before gulping down the rest of his drink. “My nigga, the bitch was so fucked up her ass threw up on the way to the telly! I was so pissed I damn near wanted to kick her ass to curb, literally!”

Hood and Aaron laughed as I shook my head. “You reckless as fuck, man.”

“She was talking big game all night then right when we get in the car she wanna get motion sick. I wanted head during the ride there yet this bitch had her hand to her mouth the whole time, denying she was really gagging.”

I laughed shaking my head again. Only this nigga.

“Yo what yo girl think about all the dirt you been doing lately?” I questioned with my eyebrow raised. Aaron amped in the background before laughing some more. “Right! I know she see all that shit you tagged in on IG.”

“Man I’m single! That means I’m allowed to do single nigga shit! And Breez I know you’re not talking about me! We going to this Kingston party tonight or not? What’s up?”

I sighed as I leaned back. “Ay, don’t worry about what’s going on over here nigga. I know what I’m about and it ain’t no trick throwing up in my ride.”

He sucked his teeth. “You must want Liyah to come with, huh?”

The guys laughed as they all nodded, agreeing.

“Mind ya damn business. Just know none of yall niggas will be getting in without me so uh, you better hope she say yes.”

Flashing a smile they all yelled and started talking shit at the same time. I laughed as I got up at the sight of her text and walked to my front door. I inhaled sharp once she came into my view, a smile naturally taking over my face.


She smiled back as she playfully scrunched her face then stepped in as I moved out of her way.

“Ello. How are you?”

“I’m good.”

I followed her lead as she walked down the hallway but then stopped just before going up my stairs.

“Are the guys here or something? Who’s that making all that noise?”

Finally focusing my ears on all the noise they were making, I nodded. “Yeah, they down there clowning.”

“Oh… Well you can go back down there if you want. I’ll probably just lay down upstairs.”

Closing in on her, I pulled her into me. “Did you bring some extra clothes for tonight?”

She rolled her eyes and smiled. “Yes, though I’m still thinking on it.”

Pecking her lips once, then twice, then three times, I rested my forehead against hers.

“Sean invited you personally. It’s gonna be fun, it’s at his Hollywood mansion and everybody is gonna be there.” I looked down into her eyes as she tilted her head side to side, playfully sizing me up.

“Yet you won’t let me bring Jaslene..”

“I want it to be just us.”

“But it won’t be just us, I know your lil posse will be coming too.”

I smiled as she pulled away and turned to go up the stairs. “Fine, if Jaslene’s attendance will make you go then tell her to meet us here by 11:30.”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah.”

I watched as her body switched up the stairs and rounded another corner. Licking my lips and rubbing my hand over my fade I sighed, making my way back to the guys.

This party is supposed to be one for the books, the list of everyone coming through says enough itself. I’m positive tonight will be something you won’t wanna miss.

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Thank goodness your updating ! I need to read right now !

:) don’t hate me for splitting the update into two parts again, my ass and fingers hurt. -_-

Part one tonight. Part two by Sunday.

Damn! 161 notes on that Loyal post!! Lol

Good to know people agree on holding good talent down!

*skips away to continue with update*

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Update today?!!!!!

Yes but I’m estimating I’ll be posting it pretty late. Either way, it’ll be up before I go to sleep.

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